Employer Profile

Outsource specializes in the placement of Low-Voltage and Electrical talent.

Outsource employs over 1000 technicians weekly on jobsites across the continental U.S. We work with most of the national integrators and most of the major electrical contractors. Many of our employees go on to permanent placement opportunities with our clients.

Click the details below for more information on the benefits we offer:

Weekly Pay:

We run our payroll weekly so you get paid every week. You can choose one of three options to receive your pay:

• Global Cash Card – your pay is transmitted automatically onto a VISA/MasterCard debit card.
• Direct Deposit into your bank account
• Pick your check up in your local Outsource office

Prevailing Wage

We have tons of public work that pays extremely high rates. We reward our most tenured employees with this work. Ask our recruiters about these opportunities

Holiday Bonus

You will be eligible for a holiday bonus for all of the major national holidays if you are working the week of the holiday and have worked the following:

• Employee must work the week of the holiday
• Employee must work their scheduled day before AND after the holiday
• Employee must work 935 hours within the last 6-month period
• Employee must work 1650 hours within the last 12-month period

Personal Safety Equipment

We provide hard hats, safety glasses (or goggles) and gloves to all field technicians working in environments where they are needed

Safety Bounty

We will pay you for any fraudulent work injuries that you witness and testify to.

We also will pay you to report a high risk or unsafe work environment that needs to be remedied.