Employer Profile

American Trades Contracting was founded in 2009 with both the needs of the Clients and the needs of the Skilled worker in mind. ATC provides the Flexible Workforce our clients require on an as needed basis to complete their projects on time and under budget. ATC incorporates a combined 30 years of experience in Staffing the Construction, Oil & Gas, Institutional and Manufacturing Industries. ATC teams up with our clients becoming a true extension of their Professional Team by providing a valuable solution to our clients labor needs.

ATC provides Valuable Service to our clients, building a professional lasting relationship that we take very seriously. Call a local ATC office nearest you to find how American Trades Contracting can help your business succeed by utilizing our services.

ATC Provides

-Skilled labor As Needed
-Expert Labor Consulting

Outstanding Results

-Reduce Overtime Costs
-Eliminate Holdover Costs
-Reduce Work Comp Claims
-Reduce HR Cost
-Deadlines Met
-Productivity Increased
-Profitability Increased
-Jobs Completed Under Budget
-Eliminate Hiring Costs

EmployerAmerican Trades Contracting