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About Strom Engineering

With sixty years of experience helping businesses overcome labor and production obstacles, Strom Engineering has become widely viewed as the most trusted and knowledgeable staffing company of its kind in the United States. From strategic consulting and contingent workforce solutions to the recruitment and deployment of our temporary workforces, we are committed to assisting companies achieve prosperity and operational efficiency with the right people at the right time.

Contingent Workforce Planning & Consulting

Rely on Strom’s experienced team of consultants to provide you with strategic contingent workforce solutions. You can optimize your company’s preparedness for any potential labor disruption and related issues with our contingent labor planning services. Our contingency planning and consulting services include process documentation, staff training, logistics, security options, and more.

Temporary & Project Staffing

Strom Engineering’s contract staffing services provide trusted and capable employees for businesses when they need it most. If you need a temporary workforce, we will provide you with a group of skilled and experienced Strom employees that can acclimate to your business quickly and safely, saving you time and money.

Strike Staffing

Strike contingency planning is an important part of business leadership and management. Strom Engineering’s labor contingency planning is unparalleled and comprehensively addresses each stage of the process. We offer labor dispute staffing services to help you establish, and implement if necessary, a detailed staffing plan to assure consistent production in the event of a labor disruption.

Strom Engineering