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We cover many states in the southeastern region of the US, but are a family-owned business in Flowood, MS.  Our founder and owner is a General Contractor and Building Consultant via our company VI, Inc.  Our second company, Commercial Flooring Innovations is focused on installing flooring systems in high traffic areas with harsh to minimal environments.  We enjoy our work and the people that work with us.  We are willing to train and offer the opportunity of consistent work for those willing to work hard that exemplify a professional and strong work ethic.   

 VI, Inc offers:

  • Complete commercial building services from ground up
  • Refresh and Remodel Construction
  • Basic facilities/building construction and maintenance consulting
  • We work with franchisee and chain owners for restaurants such as Sonic, Zaxby's, Popeyes and Burger King

Commercial Flooring Innovations offers:

CFI offers resinous flooring to fit various environments from dining area to back of house for restaurant owners!  Our floors are:

  • Durable with a Long Life
  • Safely Slip Resistant for staff and patrons
  • Easily Cleaned and Maintained
  • Note: Our Cementitious Urethane Systems are Seamless (similar to a swimming pool from cove to floor)

Background and Experience of our companies:

VI, Inc. is where it all began.  This is the General Contracting business headed up by our founder, Perry Marshall.  Being a Licensed Commercial General Contractor with over 30+ years of experience, he started this company due to interest from franchisees and/or owners in building and maintaining restaurants.  As such, VI, Inc has built ground up for a Popeye’s Franchisee, served as GC for 20+ years on many Sonic remodels/refreshes and is expanded into working on building and projects for Zaxby's, Burger King and a few other well known restaurant and development groups. 

 Commercial Flooring Innovations was formed from those relationships of VI’s.  Many of the same clients were seeking a solution to their floors failing in their restaurants.  They sought a way to pro-actively avoid failures that often times result from thermal shock, chemical exposures, and lack of proper moisture mitigation, to name a few.  The mission was to find a flooring system that could withstand heavy traffic, provide slip resistance, be function in harsh environments and prevent flooring failures for these owners.  After much research, study and certification, Commercial Flooring Innovations was born and is a dba of VI, Inc.

Since 2012, we have continued to expand our breadth of knowledge and relationships with premiere manufacturers in an effort to provide the latest in construction and specifically in flooring systems for many types of commercial and industrial environments.  As a certified and preferred installer for multiple manufacturers, coupled with the knowledge behind general construction,  the behaviors of concrete and the importance of understanding the factors of the environment in which the floor must perform Commercial Flooring Innovations is a preferred flooring provider for many restaurant and development groups.  Below are types of flooring systems offered by CFI for commercial environments:

Resinous Flooring Systems CFI Offers:

  • Urethane and/or Epoxy
  • Acrylic
  • Broadcast
  • Cementitious Urethane

Compelling reasons to work with VI, Inc and/or Commercial Flooring Innovations:

  • 30+ years of experience in construction and 20+ years of experience in flooring with 6 years of experience with resinous flooring systems
  • 29 years of proven success and experience working with Franchisees and General Contractors
  • Coverage of most states in the southeastern region of the US
  • Solid, long-lasting relationships with multi restaurant owner groups and franchisees
  • Consistent work projects week over week and month over month and growing 
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