Employer Profile

Our Focus

Providing the highest quality management and technical talent for nuclear construction, licensing, operations, distribution as well as remediation, decommissioning, decontamination, and demolition. This nuclear focus gives us a broad and deep understanding of the unique skills necessary to successfully staff complex nuclear projects.

From a highly developed safety culture to rigorous training and procedural compliance requirements, analysis and mitigation of risks, quality assurance processes, management self-assessment, and nuclear safety, ReNuke provides comprehensive, safe solutions to our customers’ challenges.

Our Core Principles

Customers. Without our customers, there is no business.

Excellence. Excellence in everything we do. Our people are the key to excellence.

Integrity and Truthfulness. The most valuable company asset is our reputation; we guard it tenaciously.

Opportunity. To achieve and maintain excellence the employees must have a real opportunity to succeed.

Accountability. Everyone is individually accountable for their actions – or inaction.

Trust. It is the cornerstone of success. Excellence, integrity, truthfulness, respect and accountability yield trust.

Profitability. Both ours and our customers’. It is not optional if individual opportunity is to be realized.

Innovation. Staying ahead of the competition is key to profitability. Always look for better ways to operate.

Forgiveness. We all make mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance. There are no third chances.

Fun. Having fun and working hard are not mutually exclusive.

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