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We keep the world turning.

As elite construction professionals with exceptional skills to install, maintain, diagnose, and repair precision machinery, UBC millwrights are vital partners in industries as diverse as energy, automotive, aerospace, food processing, pharmaceuticals and more.

We're everywhere, working behind the scenes to keep equipment running that keeps industry moving.

A Day in the Life of a Millwright

UBC millwrights solve problems. They understand new technologies and possess specialized talents to address challenges that surface during a project. And they’re trained to consistent standards that produce dependable, high-caliber results, regardless of location or specialization.

Benefits of Applying

Get training for better career opportunities, industry connections to help secure jobs and resources for market growth.


Hands-on training in state-of-the-art facilities or on the job make UBC millwrights the best-prepared technicians for any project.

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UBC millwrights have a presence in virtually every industry in all regions across the United States and Canada.

Precision is the standard work product of UBC millwrights. Our corps of elite technicians are constantly expanding their training and skills to to become experts in their disciplines and the most reliable partners in their industries.

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