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The Construction
Labor Support Company

We enhance our clients’ workforce productivity and profitability through flexible cost-effective variable labor resources, the most sophisticated technology in the industry, and professional labor-oriented services. We support America’s skilled craftsmen by providing reliable work, fair compensation & benefits, growth opportunities and safer overall working conditions.

We are Absolutely NOT a Temporary Agency!

We hire all our employees on a permanent basis. It is just like working for a subcontractor who works on multiple contractors’ jobs throughout the year…except for a key benefit to our employees:

We are landing them their next assignment BEFORE their current project ends… BEFORE a potential layoff occurs! They are no longer on their own as a freelancer! And as every employer knows a happy employee makes a better and more productive employee.

We provide steady, long-term work because we have solid relationships with America’s finest contractors and sub-contractors. We are genuinely concerned with the safety of our workforce. We provide 10-Hour OSHA compliant safety training to you at absolutely no cost.

We offer skill-training opportunities through local association chapters. Finally, we make every effort to ensure that our employees are paid at least the industry standard for their qualifications.

Temp agencies don’t do ANY of this!

Unlike temp agencies or day labor firms, we invest in our employees with exceptional, full benefits:

  •      Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance
  •      Safety Incentive Awards
  •      Service Award Program
  •      Referral Bonuses
  •      Discounted Tool Purchase Program
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