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Welcome to Polk Mechanical and thank you for your interest in our company. Whether you are a potential customer or prospective employee, I invite you to explore our website and learn more about our culture and what makes us unique.

At Polk, we believe that equally as important as what we do, is why we do it.

We believe that the work we do is important work. Whether it is installing the systems and equipment that enable doctors and medical staff to provide critical care to patients in surgical suites and emergency rooms, or restoring operation to an industrial facility after an unplanned outage – our work is important work!

I am humbled by the passion for craftsmanship and service exhibited by our employees who work tirelessly and selflessly behind the scenes advancing the success of our company, our customers and by extension our communities.

Those familiar with Polk know that it is our desire to build a company that is different from a typical organization. For our employees, vendors, clients, and stakeholders we work hard at creating an atmosphere that feels a little less corporate and a lot more like a community.

Welcome to Polk Mechanical, we are a special company and What We Do Is Important!

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