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Delta Constructors

Who We Are

Our mission is to meet and exceed our customers' expectations; to safely deliver our customers a quality product in a timely and efficient manner; to build a team between Delta and our customers through honesty, responsiveness and by making the customers' goals and priorities ours while exercising impeccable ethics and values.

Our vision is to be the preferred oil services provider every employee wants to work for and every client wants to work with; exceeding their expectations of our commitment to safety, quality, efficiency, integrity, and community.

Leaders in Safety

Delta Constructors believes a zero incident workplace is achievable. It is achievable when expectation, commitment and responsibility are shared.

All employees should expect to work in a safe environment where risks and at-risk behaviors are proactively and systematically identified and eliminated.

Delta Constructors commits to a zero incident culture as a core value. It is integrated into every aspect of our business. It is part of normal business operations, participated in by all employees.

Developing safety management processes, teaching and training safe work practices and providing controls are important Delta Constructors responsibilities that must be performed well. Learning, applying and following the rules and techniques of safe work practices and incident prevention are job description responsibilities, shared by all employees.

The safety of people is the highest priority on all Delta Constructors worksites. Production, schedule and cost will never be placed before safety.

Committed to Quality

Quality and Safety performance have much in common. Positive outcomes are the results of clear expectations executed by knowledgeable, competent, well-trained people taking pride in their work.

Delta Constructors’ goal is that 100% of our projects are completed meeting quality standards of our clients and regulatory agencies. To meet this goal, Delta’s quality process includes:

Quality Management System (QMS) is the backbone that guides Delta Constructors’ quality program for all projects. The QMS is used to ensure consistency in project set up, execution, and closeout around a single quality standard.

Quality Operating Procedures (QOPs) define the quality requirements for each project (see QOPs in Execution Section of this Handbook). QOPs can be modified on a project-by-project basis to comply with specific project quality requirements.

Work Instructions provide clear, step-by-step information on how to inspect and record actual quality performance for specific job activities. Those responsible for performing and inspecting the work must review and acknowledge their understanding of the Work Instructions prior to beginning work.

Our Standards for Success

Delta Constructors offers a sensible approach to project management and construction execution. Whether it's a very large project or a one person staffing position our approach is simple, excel at the basics, be agile and follow through. Our variety of services is founded on sound values. Delta Constructors delivers quality results, efficiently and safely, and more importantly align with the success of our customers' endeavors.

Delta Constructors is built on a set of standards for success that stand as guideposts towards achieving our mission.


A Zero incident culture, An injury-free workplace.


Responsible care for natural surroundings.


Expectations and standards met.


Identify, remove or mitigate.


Estimate, analyze and organize to achieve goals.


Meet targets within approved budgets.


Meet milestones of approved timelines.


Set benchmarks, track execution and measure results.


Align objectives, interests and expectations with all stakeholders.


Clear, accurate and open with all stakeholders.

Delta Constructors