Employer Profile

Since 1990 when we first opened our doors, commercial and industrial construction contractors have relied on us to provide quality construction personnel for their projects, large or small.

Grus offers:

• First-hand knowledge of our client’s needs.
• A large, full-time work force.
• Personnel willing to travel to out-of-town jobs.
• Varied wage levels reflecting our workers current abilities—no cookie cutter wages here.
• Concern about our client’s budget.

We are committed to being the best employer in the industry for construction workers. We believe our mission is two-fold: to staff our client’s projects with the highest quality of skilled trades people available and to foster an environment in which the quality of our workers continues to increase. We are dedicated to delivering quality and efficiency in one package. Grus offers our workforce the security of permanent employment and a diversified work experience through our many and varied clients. We believe the service Grus provides offers benefits to both the general contractor and the skilled worker. These dual-benefits include:

• Higher pay and more benefits for our construction personnel.
• Full-time employment. Grus is constantly planning and scheduling to insure full-time employment for the worker.
• Multiple construction projects offering diversified experience opportunities.
• Skill advancement due to high quality and quantity of our clients—which results in increased pay.
• Job security and tons of diversified experience.
• Database filled with tens of thousands of skilled trades people eager and qualified for placement.
• Control over methods, performance standards and schedule.

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