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We are committed to our customers’ success from start to finish.

The Newtron Group is one of the largest privately-owned Specialty Electrical Construction companies in the United States and is among the nation’s leading Industrial Electrical and Instrumentation providers. We also offer a suite of innovative and customized Analytical, Automation, Heat Trace, Integration and Design solutions for a wide range of industries.

From concept to construction, our team can save you time and money by providing all these services turn-key. We are one of the few providers who can offer your company this kind of comprehensive solution.

With offices across the southeast and west coast, we have performed work across the United States and have established strong partnerships with manufacturers, suppliers and vendors. This enables us to secure the best prices possible and we pass those savings on to our clients. You will not find a more service and quality-oriented partner.

The Newtron Group was built based on our founder’s values. Newton Thomas believes that all employees should be treated with respect and dignity. One way we do this is through annual events hosted by our regional offices, recognizing employees for their length of continuous service to the company. Long-term committed employees are one of our greatest strengths, and plaques are given to those celebrating their 5, 10, 15 … 45 years of service.

In September 2012 at the Martinez, California, regional office event, an employee receiving a plaque approached President Bruce Beard. He shared that he was a United States Marine Corps veteran and that the Marine Corps had a motto “Semper Fidelis” that is always in the heart of a Marine. It means “Always faithful” and is with them at all times. He had a similar feeling about working for the company and thought that we should develop something like Semper Fidelis.

Our creed, “LiveIt.” was inspired by this conversation. It encourages our employees to live by the company’s core values and beliefs set forth by Newton Thomas. If we do, these values and the company will live on long after our founder is gone.


After decades of trailblazing, entrepreneur Newton Thomas makes his boldest move yet by planning on leaving his company to charity upon his passing to preserve the company’s values and beliefs in perpetuity.

In 2000 Newton Thomas attended Harvard Business School’s Executive Education Program to sharpen his management and leadership skills. Professors there found his company, The Newtron Group, to be extremely advanced in its commitment to employees and the social good. By then, companies like Ben & Jerry’s and Whole Foods Market had established a precedent for “conscious capitalism” by prioritizing charitable donations and shared management. The Newtron Group, it seemed to the Harvard educators, went even further by prioritizing its values and profit sharing with employees along with charitable giving.

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