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Established in 1972, Faith Technologies is an energy expert and national leader in electrical planning, engineering, design and installation. As a comprehensive authority in the field of electrical and energy services, we lead industry change through a dedicated investment in technology, strategic project consulting and process engineering that drives productivity, value, and above all, safety.

Breaking industry benchmarks, we drive trends in growth and development through a continual investment in their merit-based employees’ skill, leadership and career development. We continually invest in our employees’ skill sets and provide all-inclusive services that make projects easier and more rewarding.

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To us, the things that may seem small are really the things that make a big difference. We rely on our values – what we do, why we exist, who we are – as a daily guide and motivation in perfecting every customer experience. There are many industrial engineering consulting companies out there, but only Faith Technologies lives by these values and core purposes.

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