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Colonna's Shipyard, Inc.

Colonna’s Shipyard, Inc. is located in the historic Berkley section of Norfolk, Virginia and is the oldest continuous family owned and operated private shipyard in the United States. Founded in 1875 by Charles J. Colonna, a 26 year old ship carpenter with limited resources, the early business was limited to pier-side repairs. Within 2 years, Charles had added his first marine railway powered by two horses that had a lift capacity of about 40 tons, and he was off and running.

Although over 140 years old, Colonna’s Shipyard continues to maintain its commitment to modernization, making the capital investments necessary for improvements in efficiency and productivity. Today, Colonna’s is a diverse industrial company with extensive capabilities in commercial and government ship repair, machining and large steel fabrication.

Colonna’s strength is our employees. We employ the best and the brightest in the shipyard industry and we are proud of all that they do. From welders and ship fitters to government contract specialists, we have the right people in place to make sure the job is completed to the highest standards.

Respect: Earned and Given

Have respect for yourself, for others, the community and the environment. Listen to each other and treat everyone with fairness and dignity. Show respect for your safety and the safety of your co-workers and our customers. Respect is golden: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Pride: Own It

Take pride in our work and our company. Our best is valued and we are committed to being productive, responsible and finishing what we start. We will deliver excellence, strive for improvement and respond openly to change. Pride: own it, earn it, and share it.

Truth: Character Matters

Tell the truth and expect it in return. Be honest and accountable for our actions and communicate openly. Truth: do the right thing always and remember that character matters.

Family: Stronger Together

We are committed to working together as a team, mutually supportive and are united through our commitment and purpose. Family: stronger together.

Why Weld America?

With decades of experience, we take pride in using state-of-the-art equipment to deliver the value and service to become your premier supplier of on-site welding services for complex, difficult welding operations. We will earn your trust by utilizing the latest in mechanized welding systems. Our team of welders will be able to mobilize anywhere in the world and safely exceed expectations for repeatable quality, accuracy, and superior productivity.

Our Mission

Weld America will PRIDE ourselves in becoming the premier on-site welding company. We will hire, train and retain the best associates in the industry. We will relentlessly pursue excellence through the utilization of the safest and most advanced welding systems and processes in the industry. We will always be transparent and tell the TRUTH to our clients and to each other. We will ensure that our associates are empowered to always RESPECT our clients, each other, the environment, the company and their FAMILY. We will always review our processes to ensure that we are executing our projects the most efficient, fastest and safest way possible. Doing this will allow both our clients and ourselves to realize the most profit possible.

Our Vision

Develop a team of associates that are experts in the art of welding. We will pursue excellence in all that we do through the utilization of technology and constant, relentless improvement. We will develop a welding school that leads to us having the best resource pool of welding associates in the United States. We will be the best of the best at solving customer’s problems, 24/7/365. This vision will allow us to grow and develop solutions for our clients ever expanding requirements.

Our Safety

Safety is our most important core value and Weld America is committed to providing a safe and productive work environment of our employees. We are dedicated to training our workforce to standards which outpace others in the industry. From daily job briefings, weekly safety meetings and yearly safety workshops; we are taking the crucial steps to provide our employees the tools necessary to perform every task safely. Furthermore, we empower our teams to stop work on any task they consider to be unsafe.  Each employee’s daily commitment to our safety program allows for the prevention of accidents. Weld America is steadfast to ensure that our employees report to work and leave at the end of the day in the same condition.

Weld America
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