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hen you need the assistance of a professional electrician, look no further than H&M Electric & Construction. in Covington, VA. We’re masters of our craft, and we can handle all forms of electrical maintenance, installation, general contracting, and commercial electrical contractor tasks! No matter what help you need on your jobsite, we have the building and logistical expertise to handle it. 

H&M Electric & Construction. brings many varied strengths to the table that go far beyond simple traditional electrician work. We’re heavily qualified to take on all general and electrical contractor work, thanks to our highly skilled professionals, who have backgrounds in the electrical, industrial HVAC, data, communication, and construction fields. This breadth of skill and experience enables us to do better, more efficient work every day, no matter the specific task that lies before us.

At H&M Electric & Construction, we’re dedicated to excellence in every area of our commercial electrical contractor responsibilities. Our electricians are also proud to be heavily involved in contracting and business communities that help keep each other strong.

EmployerH&M Electric and Construction Inc