Employer Profile

CRAS provides Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO Health Benefits and 25K Life Insurance/Accidental Death Benefit to employees at No Cost.  

Construction Recruiters America Staffing (CRAS) provides additional manpower on job sites throughout the United States. It all started with one electrical contractor working at Airports on baggage handling conveyor systems in 2005. Since then CRAS has worked on 100’s of Airport projects with several contractors. In 2007 CRAS started applying for DBE/WBE certification wherever there was an airport project. As of 2014 CRAS is certified in 36 states as a DBE/WBE staffing contractor.

For the past eight years CRAS has been providing mechanical and electrical temporary employees on projects other than airports including FedEx, UPS, DHL, postal facilities and larger conveyor systems at industrial factories such as Sargento Cheese, Jack Daniels, Nestle, JBS Swift to name a few.

CRAS has managed to amass a network of skilled and semi-skilled local and traveling journeymen and apprentices in the fields of electrical and mechanical, specializing in conveyor systems of all types. We are very proud of our pre employment and new hire process'. In early 2014, CRAS was awarded an above average rating for safety on Airport projects.

Employees are rated on prior experience, reliability, dependability, work ethic, ability to work independently with little instruction and flexibility to work the required shift and hours as a project dictates. CRAS’ philosophy is to continue building a network of employees by providing a safe and healthy work environment and developing true partnerships with employees who have integrity, experience and are dedicated to our clients and to CRAS. CRAS is an industry partner of the IEC and the ABC schools. We encourage and support continuing education in the construction field.

  • Licensed Journeyman Electricians, Journeyman Un-Licensed Electricians
  • Apprentice Electricians
  • Millwrights/Conveyor Installers/Mechanics
  • Airport Baggage Handling Unjammers/Testers, Warehouse Laborers
  • Mechanical and Electrical Superintendents
  • Certified Welders
  • Certified Forklift operators 
  • Project Administrators 
  • Project Administrator Assistants
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