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Among the first Unifloat projects was the Port of Seattle’s Shilshole Marina, built in the late 1950’s. The Unifloat docks served Shilshole well right up until their replacement in 2007. Many of the marina’s original docks were sold to nearby facilities. A time tested and proven product, the story of Shilshole’s docks demonstrate the strength and durability of the Unifloat design.

Over its 60-year history, Bellingham Marine has expanded the company’s operations both at home and abroad. Today, we have plants and offices strategically placed around the world. This allows us to provide best value solutions to clients everywhere.


The company’s products and services have also grown over the years. From our flagship Unifloat concrete dock system, now the world’s most popular dock system, to an impressive portfolio of products and services spanning the entire spectrum of nearshore development. We truly are a one-stop shop for all your marine construction needs.

As we have for over 60 years, we remain dedicated to leading the world in innovation and continuous quality improvement. We will continue to deliver ever-increasing durability, low cost of ownership and unrivaled value to our clients.


Unlike landside construction, there is not a one-size fits all solution when building on the water. Site conditions, intended use and owner priorities play a key role in determining which products and construction methods will provide the best value.

We bring our extensive portfolio of products and widespread expertise to every project we undertake. Driven by a desire to create value for our clients and a commitment to never ending improvement, our clients benefit from our unique approach to dock design and marine construction.


Our fully integrated service model along with a design/build methodology provides our clients a low risk, cost effective, and highly streamlined approach to their project. Bellingham Marine maintains a strong financial base, instilling confidence in our clients that we can deliver everything we promise.

Having supplied over 25 million square feet of floating systems for clients around the world in our 60+ year history, we know what’s been tried, what has worked, and what hasn’t. Time-proven construction methods combined with advancements in materials and an appreciation for value engineering are the foundation of our award-winning portfolio of projects.

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