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Kewaunee Fabrications provides a full range of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical assembly services to ensure that parts are received line ready for installation.


Kewaunee’s initial processing utilizes a variety of cutting tools from flame cutting to fiber laser procedures to process materials up to 6” thick. Programmed directly from CAD files, the parts we design allow our processes to achieve superior precision and quality.



  • ESAB, Avenger 1-14 CNC Cutting Machine
  • MG, Apollo, CNC, six torch, oxygen-fuel, table 9’ x 50’
  • Bug-O, Portable burning machine
  • Bug-O, Circle beveling machine inside diameter 2”-22”, outside diameter 34”-64
  • Giddings & Lewis (CNC) beveling machines
  • Mazak 8.0 kW Fiber Laser, table 60” x 120”


Kewaunee Fabrications’ finishing facility utilizes rigorously trained technicians and top-of-the-line equipment to deliver an advanced, high-quality service. Kewaunee Fabrications provides surface preparation and paint application for a variety of products, including steel, aluminum, and iron alloys.


  • B.C.P. Shotblast cabinet with 10-ton mono-rail system - Blasting Envelopes – width = 4’ x height = 8’ x length = 40’
  • Outside blasting to handle large weldments (40’ x 60’)
  • Painting facility with overhead trolley system B.C.P.
  • Shotblast cabinet with 20-ton mono-rail system – Blasting Envelope – width = 8’ x height = 10’ Eagle paint booth 26’ x 50’
  • Koch drying oven 6’6” x 40’
  • Therma-Tron-X cure oven 30’ x 50’ with door opening 9.5’ high x 17’ wide and 3 Infrared Heaters for curing.
  • Spray Equipment: Graco Electrostatic and HVLP and Graco Plural mixing & spray equipment


Kewaunee Fabrications provides a diverse variety of machining solutions that allow for products both big and small to be produced to high precision tolerances in a wide variety of materials.

CNC Machining Centers

  • Kuraki KBT-13A 5” (HBM), X=118”, Y=90.5”, Z=51”,  W=27.5”, 60 tool storage
  • KIA KBN 135 5”(HBM), X=118”, Y= 79”, Z=63” W=27.5”, 60 tool storage
  • Ex-Cell-O, (HMC) twin 48” x 48” pallet exchanger, X=72”, Y=60”, Z=36”, 99 tool storage
    • HMC-100 (HMC) FOUR 39” x 39” pallet changer, X=72”, Y=60”, Z=40”, 60 tool storage
    • NIIGATA, (HMC) twin 31.5” x 31.5” pallet exchanger, X=60.2”, Y=48.4”, Z=40.2”, 120 tool storage
  • 2100 Viper (VMC), X=81”, Y=41.3”, Z=32.3”, 30 tool 
  • 325 Tree (VMC), X=27”, Y=14”, W=15.75”, Z=6”
  • 1260 Tree (VMC), X=49”, Y=24”, Z=30”, 32 tool
  • 3100 Viper (VMC), X=121”, Y=41”, Z=42.5”, 32 tool
  • Mustang (VMC), X=41”, Y=20”, Z=24.5”, 20 tool
    • HAAS VF5 (VMC), X=50”, Y=26”, Z=25.”, 40 tool
    • HAAS VF7 (VMC), X=84”, Y=32”, Z=30.”, 40 tool

CNC Turning Center

  • HAAS, ST20 control 15” swing x 22.5”cc, 12 tool


Kewaunee Fabrications is an ISO 9001 certified company with on staff Certified Weld Inspectors, which offers 3D non-contact laser scanning and the option of third party inspection.


Our 3D Creaform laser scanner provides the option of non-destructive measurement technology that digitally generates 3D point cloud data, ultimately turning physical parts/products into a digital representation of the physical object.  This technology allows us to conduct part to CAD or part to part comparisons and provide detailed reports.  If interested in having items scanned, please contact us for a quote.   

3D Laser Scanning Equipment

  • Creaform MetraSCAN 750 Elite
  • Creaform Handyprobe
  • Takes up to 480,000 measurements per second
  • Accuracy up to .0012″
  • No contact scanning
  • Adaptable to environment

At the main entrance of the production area is a sign that provides a daily reminder that “Through these portals pass the finest craftsmen in the world.” This sign has been displayed for decades; it exemplifies the spirit and pride of every Kewaunee Fabrications team member that applies their trade with skill and professionalism at Kewaunee Fabrications every day.


Kewaunee Fabrications produces weldments of various sizes and complexity, from small weldments of just a few parts; weighing a couple pounds, to large/heavy weldments of hundreds of parts; weighing several tons. These weldments contain Raw Materials, as Specified by customers’ designs.

  • Mild Steel
  • Bar
  • Stainless Steel
  • Castings
  • High Yield Steels and Aluminum
  • Forgings
  • Sheet
  • Tube
  • Plate
  • Pipe
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