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Above Ground Storage Tank Cleaning

  • Crude Oil Tank Farms
  • Product Terminals
  • Refineries
  • Power Plants
  • Industrial

Choosing the right contractor for any project is important, but when the project is a large above ground storage tank cleaning, selecting the right vendor is essential. Tank cleaning projects can be extremely complicated and the “learning curve” can be very expensive, both for the tank owner and the tank cleaning contractor.

Experience Makes the Difference

Our on-site supervisors are experienced veterans who know how to keep a tank cleaning project on track and avoid time consuming and costly mistakes. Our crews consist of full-time personnel trained to do their work safely and efficiently. Everyday that your tank is out of service means lost revenue for your company. Regardless of whether your tank is being cleaned for a:

  • Product Change
  • An API 653 Inspection
  • Repairs
  • Decommissioning

Midwestern will do a professional job at a competitive price and keep your out-of-service time to a minimum.

The Right Equipment for the Job

When a Midwestern crew arrives at a job site, you can be assured they will arrive with a complete inventory of specialized tank cleaning equipment. Our equipment trailers have been modified and improved through years of experience. All equipment is either air or hydraulically powered to allow working in potentially explosive environments. We provide pumping equipment that is designed to handle viscous tank bottoms. Each equipment trailer is equipped with: The Right Equipment for the Job.

  • A diesel powered hydraulic power unit
  • An assortment of hydraulically powered pumps
  • Hydraulic hoses, air hoses, 4” & 6” discharge hoses
  • Air diaphragm pumps, air winches, air powered eductor fan
  • A breathing air filtering unit, supplied air respirators, air hose
  • An inventory of safety equipment
  • An inventory of check valves, fittings, tools
  • An inventory of repair parts, gaskets, consumables items

Having the right equipment on the job site saves time and keeps your out-of-service time to a minimum.

Turn Key Tank Cleaning Services

Midwestern can either provide or facilitate a full spectrum of services to meet your requirements. Each tank cleaning project should be planned in advance to assure that all regulatory requirements will be met and to establish a schedule for completion of the work. Midwestern’s experienced personnel can assist you in this critical step to help you select the best overall plan to accomplish the work safely and at a competitive price and to coordinate additional services that may be needed such as:

  • Re-positioning roof support legs on internal floating roof tanks while in service. Turn Key Tank Cleaning Services Removal and disposal of collapsed aluminum internal floating roofs
  • Degassing
  • Transferring tank bottoms to another tank or into your pipeline
  • Blending heavy paraffin or asphaltic type tank bottoms with crude oil, as the tank is being cleaned, and pumping the blended mix back into your line or tank
  • Coordinating with Crude Oil Reclamation or Disposal Sites
  • On-site processing of sludge for liquids and solids separation and waste minimization
  • Facilitating and managing transportation of tank bottoms to a reclamation plant or disposal facility
  • Removal of floating roof seals
  • Raising and cribbing collapsed floating roofs
  • API 653 Inspections
  • Removing fiberglass, concrete, gunite and coal tar from tank floors
  • Decommissioning and demolition of tanks, tank farms and terminals
  • Specialty Services
  • Custom Blending

Blending System

We have the capability of blending your heavy paraffin and asphaltic type tank bottoms with crude oil, as the tank is being cleaned, and pumping the blended mix back into your line or another tank.

  • We recognize that many customers would prefer to keep their tank bottoms in their system if possible. However, they don’t want to transfer the problem to another tank and hope the tank mixers make it disappear. Drawing from our experience in the oil reclamation business, we know the advantages of using a blending system which include:
  • No inventory loss
  • Limits environmental liability
  • No trucking expense Repositioning Roof Support Legs on Internal Floating Roofs
  • Reduces down time for tank cleaning crew
  • Strains out debris
  • Reduces the likelihood of downstream equipment damage due to debris
  • Mixes the tank bottoms with your crude oil to the optimum ratio
  • Reduces viscosity by passing the combination through a static mixer
  • Strains out debris and eliminates solids larger than 1/32″ diameter
  • Passes the mix through a high speed blender, adding tremendous mechanical shear and creating a homogenous blend
  • (Optional) Provides chemical injection that is used to disperse paraffin and asphaltines and increase the stability of your blend
  • Repositioning Roof Support Legs on Internal Floating Roofs

A specialty service offered by Midwestern is to provide trained personnel and equipment to enter a tank through a man-way on the fixed roof and descend to the internal floating roof. A man-lift tripod and winch with backup fall protection is used and all entrants wear supplied air respirators with two backup air supplies. Roof support legs can be re-pinned in the high position to allow an adequate roof height for scheduled maintenance or re-pinned in the low position to allow drawing the product down to a lower level without repeatedly “landing” the roof.

Removing Collapsed Internal Floating Roofs

A specialty service offered by Midwestern is removing collapsed aluminum or fiberglass internal floating roofs. This can be a challenging and expensive task for the inexperienced. Most repair contractors will not work inside a tank until it is gas-free. Let a Midwestern representative help you find the most economical way to remove and dispose of your collapsed roof and get your tank clean and gas-free.

  • Removing Fiberglass, Gunite, Concrete, & Coal Tar Bitumen Coatings
  • A specialty service offered by Midwestern that is typically performed, when requested by the customer, immediately after the tank is clean and gas-free.

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