Employer Profile

At BrandSafway, environmental health and safety (EHS) is our foremost value. It's a basic right that we owe to our employees, customers and everyone we interact with. We strive to set a standard in our industry by continuously improving our safety performance.

Building an effective safety program is like building a sturdy structure; it begins with a stable foundation. At BrandSafway, our solid base is our EHS management processes, known as our five pillars of safety. These are the strong and stable foundation on which we’ve built our outstanding safety performance and culture, and they effectively drive our strategic safety initiatives globally.

At BrandSafway, we are committed to developing a culture where environmental health and safety are core values, adopted and practiced throughout all levels of the organization. Our commitment to EHS starts at the top with our executive leadership team and cascades throughout our organization to include our entire network of companies, branches, locations and jobsites. Ownership, personal responsibility and the importance of following policies and procedures are consistently communicated across