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Our mission is to to provide customers with the most comprehensive set of telecommunications services through the use of highly trained and safety-oriented individuals.

Our business philosophy maintains two aspects:

To respect all employees in order to provide our customers with the highest level of value and service.
To ensure that our customers receive top quality craftsmanship and productivity accompanied with genuine professionalism and integrity.
As a construction/service-oriented company, the principal asset of the company is its people or human resources. The reputation of the company will be strengthened through a strong customer focus, with a commitment to satisfying their needs and providing dependable project management and leadership.

The fundamental business of TelConn, Inc. is to provide telecommunications services to cellular and communications companies including carrier direct, tower owner, and government entities. We specialize in tower construction, trouble shooting, and rigging services.

We have direct relationships with tower manufactures, communication shelter suppliers, DC power subsystem, and radio equipment suppliers just to name a few.

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