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Fugue Lauman provides a variety of services to help each of our clients stabalize and grow as needed.  Whether you need Professional Employment assistance for HR and Payroll problems or you have a large project which you need assistance on, Fugue Lauman is here to help.

Fugue Lauman provides a variety of service which are catered both in scale and pricing to your unique needs.  No more generic programs which you have to try and conform to, now you can get what you need, when you need it.   Offering Full Scale Electrical Services, Staffing for a variety of industries, and even PEO services; Fugue Lauman is driven to cater our creativity to your problems.

Electrical Services

With over 50 years of combined expertise, Fugue Lauman can help you with all of your Industrial and Commercial electrical needs. We specialize in project managment as well as crew fulfillment. Find out how we can save you time and money on your next major project.

Staffing Services

Fugue Lauman understands that sometimes you just need good help for your short term projects. We can help you with a variety of jobs in the Marine and Industrial sector by providing the skilled labor that you need, when you need it. Find out more about how we can help you with crew fulfillment.

P.E.O. Services

Fugue Lauman offers professional employment services to both small and large businesses to help you grow with as few problems as possible. Services offered include but are not limited to

Payroll : Certified and Non-Certified
HR : Employee Management /Onboarding
Taxes : Payroll & Unemployment filings

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