Employer Profile

Skillwork is a travel staffing company for the Skilled Labor.

With a shortage of nearly 1 million skilled workers nationwide (and growing to 2 million by 2025), companies are finding that they don’t have the necessary workforce to grow their businesses. In fact, many companies are finding that the lack of talent is actually costing them money through missed deadlines, overtime, and worker burnout.

To make matters worse, there are only a few options available…

  • Get into bidding wars with your competitors for the limited talent available (high cost)
  • Pay a headhunter 30% of a skilled workers total salary upfront (high risk)
  • Use a temp agency where the skilled workers will jump at the first opportunity to take a full-time role with your competitor (high risk)
  • Hire full time HR employees to serve as recruiters (high cost)

Frankly, these “solutions” are why we started Skillwork to begin with. We saw that the current models weren’t working or didn’t fit the skilled worker industries well and decided to offer a new solution.

At Skillwork, we partner with companies in the construction, manufacturing and transportation industries to provide them with the skilled workers they need, when they need them. We’ve implemented a unique travel-based model that recruits and deploys the top skilled talent throughout the United States.

No upfront fees, no commitments, no recruiting, no headaches. We handle it all so you can get back to focusing on growing your business.