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Condustrial is a privately held staffing, recruiting, and workforce management company.  Founded in 2002, our mission is to connect great people with great companies.

Tony is the founder and president of Condustrial which is headquartered in Greenville, SC.

Prior to Condustrial, Mr. Durham had over 25+ years in the commercial and industrial construction industry. Mr. Durham was a Division Manager for a large contractor, specializing in industrial and institutional mechanical construction. Manufacturing plants, hospitals and schools across the southeastern US were the focus of the projects.

In 1998, Mr. Durham opened the southernmost office of a skilled trades staffing company, previously had only been a northern operation. This eventually led to the opening of Condustrial® in the spring of 2002. Many of his former construction competitors soon became staffing clients due to his knowledge of the construction industry.

Due to his history of working in heavy industrial construction environments, Mr. Durham has always put a very high emphasis on Safety and OSHA compliance programs. Several times his firms have received various safety awards including for most hours worked with the lowest incident percentage. The first thing always noted by Mr. Durham is that “a consistently maintained staff with the lowest turnover possible is tantamount to success both in the field and office operations”. Many times, over the years, due to his vast construction related experience, construction related clients have reached out to him for suggestions and guidance on managing their own projects.

The variety of inside construction experience gives Mr. Durham a great insight of the various pieces of business success, including the financial operations and associated insurance programs that are so heavily associated with the staffing industry. This varied business experience has allowed Condustrial® to grow into also having a separately operated healthcare division known as Medustrial®, as well as an Industrial Manufacturing Staffing Division. Mr. Durham has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

“If you want to be successful in anything, you must have two things, a lot of activity and a sense of urgency. Without either, you’re wasting your time.”

~ Tony Durham ~

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