Employer Profile

Our Vision of the future is built upon two essential ingredients: Purpose and Values. They are simple ideas with immense depth—and will keep us steadfast and focused on creating a collaborative culture, one that is primed to seize every opportunity and transform it into success.

McDermott believes that anything worth doing is worth doing with a pledge to excellence. We are also a purpose-driven company that chooses to lead by example—in all that we do. That’s why our organization is committed to the areas of Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Security—what we call QHSES.  


At McDermott, we believe that quality is everyone’s responsibility. That’s why our Taking the Lead with QHSES program starts with Quality. As a function, quality collaborates and supports all stakeholders in the development of processes and improvement initiatives to ensure project excellence and delivery.


Taking the Lead is based on a series of practical, common-sense principles – take health, for instance. Health, for obvious reasons, is preferred over sickness, both at the individual level, as well as at an organizational level. That is why McDermott actively promotes the physical, mental and emotional well-being of its employees. The reason is simple; when we feel best, we perform best.


The Taking the Lead program helps us maintain active engagement and mindful consideration of all things related to safety – and not just for ourselves, but for every one of the relationships that, collectively, we value. After all, rarely does a negative consequence affect one person. We demonstrate that we value life and quality of life above all else through our disciplined approach to safety.


Creating and delivering sustainable solutions is critical to our success. Through our strategic agreement with Lummus Technology, we leverage one of the industry’s most robust technology portfolios and continue to develop cutting-edge technology to achieve our customers’ sustainability objectives.

Across our worldwide operations, we continuously strive to identify and implement sustainable solutions to utilize natural resources efficiently. Our exploration of cost effective, environmentally-sound solutions is moving us towards a better tomorrow.


Life is full of risks; however comprehensive security solutions that continuously evaluate known risks, while planning for future risks, pave the way to the kind of working environment that produces efficiency and schedule reliability. This proactive approach to security protects our employees, our partners and the critical assets required to get the job done right on behalf of our customers.

Our Pledge

McDermott will set a leading example in all areas of Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Security (QHSES), and encourages our partners, subcontractors and clients to partner with us in pursuit of outstanding QHSES performance.

Taking the Lead with QHSES

Our Taking the Lead program is McDermott’s pathway to instill a robust and mindful QHSES culture.