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Who We Are

Lakeshore is committed to setting a higher standard

Lakeshore Safety, Inc. is a collective of highly respected safety consultants that have a shared passion to preserve and promote the lives of every hard-working individual with the simple, basic notion that safety always comes first.

While working with and hearing from other highly reputable safety peers, it became clear that there was a blatant void in contract safety employer / employee relationships. It ultimately impacts the contractor in personnel “dragging up” from projects or the safety contractor failing to see these warnings and having a contingency plan in place. Lakeshore Safety is committed to setting a higher standard through genuine relationships, continuous support and a "real people" ideal. LSI knows that we are only able to exist and prosper if the face of the company ( representatives) believe and are proud to be a part of LSI.

Why Use Lakeshore Safety

At a time where there are hundreds of safety consulting companies competing for the opportunity to fill your safety officer needs… LSI has a unique, interpersonal on-boarding approach that sets us apart from the competition. Through our strong personal and professional knowledge, combined with a focused project consideration and specification of field expertise, Lakeshore Safety exceeds expectations.

We know our folks, not only their verified education, qualifications, and experience, but also that they share our core values. All Lakeshore Safety professionals have developed, maintained, and value their professional reputations and take pride in their achievements. The largest majority of our people transitioned to safety from the trades, having a true understanding of the challenges and dynamics in an evolving construction arena. Our professionals are always mindful of the contractor’s time demands, budget restrictions, and the need for steady production without compromising safety. LSI understands the governing authority (OSHA) guidelines, site policies, contractor programs and all other safety protocols and implements them through informative coaching and respectful team development in the field  

At Lakeshore Safety, we believe that this respectful relationship building is the key to success for us all. We would be privileged to have the opportunity to demonstrate our unique approach to all of your safety goals.

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